Did you see Debate II – McCain vs. Obama last night? I didn't get to see this one and from the commentary I didn't miss much. Both candidates are playing it safe and not sticking out their neck. Is this the time to make your move to win the race. It's like watching a NASCAR race where all the drivers are afraid to take the lead and they're all coasting safely around the track waiting for the finish line. Come on guys take off the gloves and get nasty already or lets get Hillary and Sarah to go a few rounds. That would be a pay-per-view bonanza!

If you save a ton of time you can watch the debate and select the parts you want to watch by keyword. MSNBC has a video replay sorted by keyword. Select your favorite keywords and the video plays only those moments of the debate related to those keywords.

McCain - Obama Debate II

Check out the keyword-sorted video replay at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032553/#scroll_debates

This is the web 2.0-based version of Cliff Notes and will change the way we surf the internet. No more having to watch the entire video or read the entire article. We can rent movies and watch only the parts that relate to our favorite keywords and save hours of time! We can live our entire lives based on our favorite keywords and ignore the rest of the garbage out there!

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