Our job in sales is to move the prospect forward to become a new client.

There are many ways to move a prospect through your sales funnel.

These days it feels like we’re being pushed AND pulled through the sales process.

I hear it all the time…

"I don’t have time to build a relationship. I have quota to meet."

You’ve felt the pressure from an aggressive salesperson.

The stereotypical high-pressure used-car salesman or timeshare sales pitch. 

One timeshare salesman once told me "Our motto is make them buy or make them cry"

If you let them, they’ll bully you into buying something you don’t want or need.

They’re in charge. They own the power of the transaction. 

Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street, teaches his aggressive sales  tactics.

He calls it The Straight Line System.

His website says he teaches tonality, questions and scripting secrets which effortlessly melt any objections from the most sophisticated buyers in even the toughest markets.

Belfort and his team manipulated thousands of people into investing in less-than-desirable stocks.

Who do you think is in charge when someone hits you with the Straight Line Method?

The salesperson.

Their goal is to move you from prospect to client as fast as possible, no holds barred.

This is why you feel buyer's remorse when you invest in high-ticket purchases.

"Do I really need this?"

"Is this really the best solution to my problem?"

Refunds are high.

Customer satisfaction is low.

The other day I interviewed Ari Galper, World's #1 Authority on Trust-Based Selling.

I met Ari about a dozen years ago in Planet Perry (Perry Marshall’s community).

Ari was teaching trust-based selling in his Unlock the Game program. 

Today, Ari is teaching the exact same process that he was teaching a dozen years ago 

Just like I’m teaching the same LinkedIn process that I’ve been teaching for a decade. 


Because it works. 

Platforms and gimmicks come and go. 

Human nature remains the same.

When you focus on building relationships, you attract long-term clients, repeat sales, and great referrals. 

Ari and I are in alignment. 

Stop selling and focus on gaining trust.

Focus on quality, not quantity. 

During our interview, Ari shared some amazing tips. 

One hit me like a ton of bricks. 

You’re on a call with a prospect and the call is going well. 

Is it time to move them forward? 

You start to move them forward and you sense hesitation. 

You pulled the trigger too soon. 

Most salespeople would panic and try to overcome their objections.

Keep control of the conversation. 

Ari has a different approach. 

Step back and give power to the prospect with one simple question. 

"Where do you think we should go from here?" 

This shifts the power to the prospect and they feel empowered. 

They feel more comfortable because the next step is up to them. 

This lowers their guard because they were expecting the hard pitch but now they’re in control. 

The next step is up to them. 

Now they trust you. 

Slow and steady... 

>>> Watch the entire interview 

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