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I remember listening to a Brian Tracy cassette back in the 80s.

“Successful people are continuous learners” or something to that effect was the lesson. 

Never stop learning.

I’m always listening to an online course, a podcast or an audio book. 

I’ve surpassed that magical 10,000 hour mark in many topics. 

I’m an expert in so many areas (that’s what I tell myself LOL). 

My wife Ellen jokes “Aren’t you fixed yet?”

I spend a lot of time learning. 

My problem is I don’t always implement what I learn.

What good is knowledge if you don’t turn that knowledge into results?

Maybe it stems from the way we learn in school.

I hated sitting in class listening to theory that we never implemented. 

We had to memorize theory so we could pass one test…

…then on to the next useless lesson. 

When I took a break from college, I attended a computer electronics school. 

In the morning they taught us theory.

In the afternoon we built what we learned about. 

LEARN —>> IMPLEMENT immediately.

I was in heaven.

When I was growing up, I drove my mother crazy. 

I was always taking things apart and putting them back together. 

I used to take apart her kitchen radio and put it back together. 

I was always fixing things around the house.

I used to assemble model cars and airplanes without reading the instructions.

In case you were wondering, I don’t need to read maps or ask for directions either (that's Ellen snickering in the background). 

The LEARN —>> IMPLEMENT method was what I needed. 

For the past 10 years, I’ve been teaching my Linked Accelerator program. 

Thousands of you have invested in my LinkedIn course.

Unfortunately, many of you never implemented what I taught.

Some of you paid and never logged into the course or attended the live calls. 

It frustrates me when I hand you a proven system but you don’t IMPLEMENT.

So I was thinking…

What if I turned the traditional learning model upside down?

Traditional courses work like this:

  1. You watch a training video once a week or attend a live webinar
  2. Every week there is a Q&A call where you can ask questions

The problem with this model is you hate homework or don’t make it a priority. 

Nobody makes time to watch a one hour video then implement what you learned. 

The problem with Q&A sessions is many of the questions are very generic like “How do I log into the members area?”

Often you know more than the instructor so the course is a waste of your time. 

What if my Linked Accelerator course worked like this:

  1. Attend a one hour class once a week
  2. I teach for 20 minutes
  3. You go into breakout rooms to implement what you learned
  4. You get instant feedback from me and the group

No homework. 

No excuses.

In one hour per week, you’re implementing my proven LinkedIn system.


Linked Accelerator 2.0 is coming (yes it really is!)

>>>> Get on the early bird list and save $200


P.S. What is your biggest LinkedIn challenge right now? Reply in the comments and let me know. 

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