This would make Oprah proud, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

We all know your book will become a New York Times bestseller if Oprah mentions it. 

Does Brian Kurtz have the same power as Oprah? 

I would argue Brian has more power than Oprah when you are trying to reach people in the direct marketing community. 

When Brian speaks, marketers listen. 

A few years ago, Brian spoke at the Pentagon, yes that Pentagon, as part of American Dream U. 

When veterans finish their military service, they often need help transitioning to civilian life. 

I give complimentary LinkedIn profile makeovers to veterans. 

The stories I hear from these brave soldiers leave me speechless. 

They feel they don't have the skills that transition to civilian jobs. 

I ask them, "You spent the last 20 years putting your life on the line, leading troops into battle. 

You have more skills than 80% of the workforce." 

When Brian was speaking to the troops, he introduced the concept of The Accelerated Learning Group. 

"Find 4 to 5 like-minded people. Maybe they are other soldiers who are recareering, or maybe they’re civilians who you really respect and want to learn from and emulate in the working world,” says Brian. “And they probably want to learn from you, too, by the way. Because of the leadership lessons and other things that you learned in the military while in Afghanistan and Iraq that they’ll never know, as I will never know." 

In the Mastermind Book Club, Tom Ruwitch and I create a similar atmosphere for entrepreneurs. 

Mastermind book club.

Each month, we choose a book and discuss it as a group. 

We learn from each other because we all have different perspectives. 

We all come from different backgrounds and work in different niches. 

This month, our special guest is none other than Brian Kurtz. 

This is your chance to be mentored by one of the top direct marketers of all time. 

Meet Brian Kurtz on Thursday, October 26th at 11 AM Pacific/2 PM Eastern. 

>>> Join the club for your Zoom link. 


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