What was your favorite BFCM deal? Blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Be honest with me. 

You invested in more than one Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, didn't you? 

What was your favorite deal? 

What grabbed your attention and made you feel like you had to pull the trigger? 

Did you really need it or was it a pure impulse buy? 

Deadlines work, don't they? 

If you're into creating great offers for your business, BFCM is the Super Bowl of great offers. 

Reverse-engineer the offers you invested in. 

Go through the offers step-by-step to see how they hooked you, and apply it to your business. 

Take a look at the offers you didn't invest in and figure out why you didn't pull out your wallet. 

For the most part, I was a good boy and didn't over-invest. 

I did grab a few pairs of Vuori sweats at 50% off. 

I also grabbed some t-shirts at 60% off. 

Of course, I bought some stocking stuffer gifts for the family on Amazon. 

I didn't invest in any courses or software deals that were deeply discounted because I knew I probably wouldn't use them. 

My big splurge was a new Apple watch because my Fitbit battery is dying and the screen is barely readable. 

Apple never discounts their products, but they did offer a $50 gift card for three days so I treated myself to a new watch. 

I was planning on doing my new webinar about irresistible offers today and tomorrow, but my daughter had other plans for me. 

Yesterday morning at 5:47 AM, Penelope Claire was welcomed into our world. 

I'm a proud Grandpa for the second time, so I'm going to be very busy this week. 

My webinar will have to wait until next week. 

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Leave a COMMENT and tell me about your BFCM deals. 


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