What should I call you? Blog article written by Ted Prodromou. Rapid Results Academy.

My crystal ball is honing in on you.

Not like the Chinese spy balloon. 

I digress but when you are spying on someone aren't you supposed to be invisible or undercover?

Back to the crystal ball... 

Yesterday, I teased you about my crystal ball that's showing me the phrases and keywords you are responding to. 

Not the phrases I think you'll respond to. 

The actual phrases you are clicking on. 

In case you missed yesterday's story, read it here

Part of my research is finding out what phrase triggers a common bond. 

Phrases that get you to stop and pay attention. 

I work with a lot of people who are in the latter stages of their career, and they've been laid off. 

I'm "lucky" enough to live through this twice in my career. 

The first was in my early 40s which I found out is ancient in the tech world. 

I've been testing phrases like laid off, fired, kicked to the curb, 55+ executives, and a few other phrases to see which make you click. 

Guess what phrase was 10X more popular than the others? 

Not ready to retire. 

I'm finding a lot of conversations online where people are saying they're not ready to retire. 

Now I know when I say "not ready to retire" it will get you to stop scrolling and pay attention. 

Here's what I know about the "not ready to retire" crowd. 

Some can't afford to retire. 

Some are burnt out and need a fresh start. 

Some are stuck and need to reinvent themselves. 

My next round of tests will help me identify the top problems these "not ready to retire' people need help with. 

I'll keep going down the rabbit hole to keep learning about the "not ready to retire" crowd. 

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