This is better than a crystal ball - Blog article written by Ted Prodromou

My sister is deep into the woo woo world. 

Growing up, she had a Ouija board and a crystal ball. 

Today, she loves to visit psychics to get a reading. 

The sad part is she makes life decisions based on what the psychic tells her. 

Needless to say, she struggles. 

Imagine making life decisions based on the Magic 8 Ball toy. 

Some days, I feel the same way about marketing my business. 

I catch myself focusing on what I imagine I want, instead of using data to make decisions. 

I used to focus on my ideal customer avatar. 

Joe is a married 45-year-old senior executive. 

He's married to Jill, who is also a senior executive. 

They have two children and live in the suburbs. 

Blah, blah, blah. 

Of course, we want to work with successful people who make a lot of money and will pay us a lot of money. 

The problem is... 

...are they having a problem we can solve? 

Most of the time, Joe and Jill don't need my help. 

My brilliant marketing messages miss the mark by a mile. 

Last week, I learned a great way to use data to identify who I can help, what their biggest problem is, and which solution they would invest in. 

This isn't based on my sister's crystal ball. 

This technique lets them secretly tell you where they're struggling and what solution they're looking for. 

I now know the language they're responding to so I can use the same language in my marketing. 

I can create solutions they are looking for. 

This technique positions me as the expert who can get to the root of their problem quickly. 

Working with your ideal clients has never been easier. 

What is this mysterious technique?

On Tuesday, February 7th, at 10 AM Pacific, I'll show you how I'm making marketing decisions based on data not fictitious characters. 

This call is exclusively for members of the Rapid Results Community. 

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