It’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd.

In February 2020, I spoke at Gary Barnes’ Breakthrough Business Mastery Bootcamp.

I did a search for “coach” on LinkedIn.

There were 2.3 million people on LinkedIn with the word “coach” in their profile.

Today, there are over 6 million “coaches” on LinkedIn.

I’m sure there are more consultants, entrepreneurs, and “experts in your niche” than ever.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the masses?

I heard something the other day that intrigued me.

What if you were so good people couldn’t ignore you?

Think about Zoom.

Zoom has been around for years and exploded in popularity in 2020. 

There are plenty of other online meeting options.

Why did Zoom become a verb last year while you didn’t hear a peep about their competitors?

First of all, Zoom is easy to use. Their competitors are clunky and outdated. 

Zoom also has a free option that works well for many.

A classic case of "freemium" success (give them a taste for free).

Zoom is also stable most of the time.

Yes, they had some issues but they reacted quickly to meet the demand and security issues.

The Zoom experience is easy and lets us connect with our friends which made us feel better.

How can you be so good people can’t ignore you?

People have many choices.

Why do they choose one company over another? 

It’s the experience. 

Howard Schultz talked about the experience of entering a Starbucks.

Schultz said Starbucks isn’t a coffee shop and it's not about the coffee.

People thought he was nuts.

He explained it’s about the experience you have when you enter a Starbucks store. 

Starbucks created an experience so good people couldn’t ignore them.

The result?

People are willing to pay a lot more for a cup of Starbucks.

Tesla and Nordstrom also created an experience so good people couldn’t ignore them. They disrupted their markets and people are willing to pay premium prices.

How can you create an experience so good that people can’t ignore you?

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