Last month my neighbor’s water bill was over $200. 

That’s extremely high given she passed away a few months ago and nobody lives there. 

Her sister called me and asked me to look for a water leak. 

Turns out the toilet was running so being the nice neighbor I am, I offered to fix it (plumbers in Marin charge at least $300 to walk in the door and plumbing is easy, right?). 

There isn’t much to a toilet so I was off to the hardware store to get the parts. 

Every time I try to fix plumbing around the house it takes three trips to the hardware store. 

Before I left, I took a picture of the inside of the tank to make sure I got the right parts. 

I replaced the flapper. 

The toilet kept running. 

I replaced the valve/float assembly. 

The damn toilet is still running. 

After a few failed adjustments, I went back to the store because the handle was rusted out. 

I replaced the handle and the toilet continued to run. 

I noticed the flexible connector started leaking so back to the store for the third time. 

I replaced the flexible connector and that leak stopped but the toilet kept running no matter what I tried. 

Usually, the third trip to the hardware store does the trick but not this time. 

By now, I’m a couple of hours into this "favor' so I gave up and told Robin to call a plumber. 

I tried to save her a few hundred dollars but it actually cost me a lot more than that. 

Instead of working on my business, I was being humbled by a running toilet. 

Perry Marshall calls this $10 an hour work that should be delegated. 

I should be working on the $1000 an hour tasks. 

Lesson learned the hard way. 

What tasks do you need to delegate so you can focus on the $1000 tasks of your business?

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