Years ago, Perry Marshall warned us about relying on one traffic source or one platform for our revenue.

At the time, Google Adwords was Perry's primary source of traffic and he saw the warning signs as Google started making massive changes to Adwords.

Perry taught us todiversify our traffic sources AND focus on getting people on your email list so you have complete control of your followers.

I know many people who built their business on MySpace and lost everything.

I know a lot of people who run their business exclusively on Facebook. They have large Facebook groups and page followers.

99% of their marketing happens on Facebook.

I grew my Facebook page to over 20,000 fans when I first started marketing on Facebook.

I could post content on my Facebook page and all 20,000 fans would potentially see it.

Then Facebook changed the rules and only a handful of my fans would see my content.


I ran Facebook ads to promote MY content to MY followers.

Since then, I don't spend a lot of time growing my Facebook page.

Given the recent events in the US, social media is going through dramatic changes.

I'm not getting into the political side of it but ifyou built your business exclusively on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Parler or any other social media platform, your business could be in jeopardy.

Social media platforms can change the rules any time they want to and they are making massive changes right now.

Have you ever read the terms of service for social media platforms? I highly recommend reading them BEFORE you build your business on their platform.

You need to focus on getting your followers on your email list ASAP.

I don't mean add your LinkedIn connections to your email list without their permission (don't get me started...)

I'm going to add new live sessions to my How to Build a Profitable Email List to help you grow your email list.

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