A few years ago, one of my clients told me the bar is very low on LinkedIn.

What he meant was people don't know how to use LinkedIn to build relationships. 

I see a lot of my "competitors" teaching you the latest LinkedIn “hacks".

Do you really want to use “hacks” to build your business?

Do you really believe you can send 20 LinkedIn messages and get 3-5 qualified appointments?

Hacks are usually black hat techniques that exploit a loophole that can land you in LinkedIn jail.

I’ll be honest. 

I used to try “hacks" when I was first getting started in online marketing because I didn’t know better.

I learned my lesson the hard way.

Google suspended my AdSense account in 2005 and will not reinstate my account no matter how many times I plead with them. 

I received the dreaded death sentence. 

I never earned a penny from AdSense but Google refuses to tell me what terms of service I violated. 

I do know the “mentor” who taught me AdSense and provided an automated website ended up in jail for fraud a few years later. 

I’m assuming Google is penalizing me for using a website hosted on his servers but I will never know.

Yesterday I saw a Facebook ad offering free LinkedIn scripts that create 3-5 qualified appointments every day by sending just 20 messages.

The ad had a lot of typos and talked about an unknown LinkedIn hack which raised a few red flags.

Of course I had to download their PDF to see their scripts. 

The email never arrived after I signed up twice but I was able to view the PDF from the ad.

 I couldn’t stop laughing at the scripts. 

My favorite was a script to invite a CEO to be on your podcast. 

Here’s the script:

Howdy, we’re both CEO’s - what a small world. I’m (enter first name) from (city) (insert funny story about your city here) - in all seriousness, I’d love to have you on our (company) podcast interviewing the most badass CEO’s = (enter your first name)

I told you the bar is very low. That’s a lot of ridiculous information crammed into two sentences. 

Would you send a message like that to a CEO to invite him to be on your podcast?

I hope I’ve taught you to be better than this!


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