Last week I sent you an email with the subject line, Ginger or Mary Ann?

The email received a 65% open rate. 

Many of you replied to my email to let me know your favorite. 

I posted the email on LinkedIn as a status update. 

So far the post has over 1500 views and 48 comments. 

Why would I write an email and share a silly post on LinkedIn about Gilligan’s Island, a braindead sitcom from the 60s? 

I like to have fun and I like to work with people who like to have fun. 

Sharing fun content breaks the ice and attracts others who like to have fun. 

When you comment on a LinkedIn post or reply to my email, I know you like to have fun. 

Another benefit? 

I’m back on the radar of a lot of former clients, colleagues, and friends. 

Don’t bore your readers. 

Our inboxes and LinkedIn feeds are full of great content to help us build our businesses. 

Some of it is useful but boring as hell. 

Like someone said "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" 

Have some fun and stay on the radar of your network. 

Remember Dean Jackson’s theory of Now or Not Now? 

People are ready to buy from you right Now or they aren’t. 

If they are ready to buy, great. Easy sale.

If they’re not ready, keep sending emails and posting on social media so when they are ready, you are top of mind. 

As I write this message, a client called because she just closed a $60,000 deal with someone she hasn’t heard from in years. 

She got back on his radar by sending a weekly email. 

When he needed help, she was top of mind and the only person he called. 

What a great way to end a crazy week. 


P.S. Gilligan did not get off the island during the show but they castaways were rescued in a follow up movie. 

How’s that for some useless trivia? 

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