In February 2020, there were 2 million coaches on LinkedIn.

Today there are 6.5 million coaches.

168,000 estate planning attorneys

1.6 million certified public accountants

187,000 marketing agencies

And get this…

57.9 million marketers (I knew there was a glut but his is CRAZY)

In the past, businesses started their business name with A or AA or AAAAA so their Yellow Pages ad would be listed first. 

AAAA Plumbing would get more business than Reliable Plumbing because it was listed first. 

The rest of the ad didn’t matter. 

My drain is clogged and I need it fixed ASAP so I call the first plumber. 

Today, there’s more competition than ever. 

Businesses and "experts" are still pivoting as we try to emerge from the pandemic. 

I spent the last year learning how to differentiate my business from the thousands of newly-minted LinkedIn "experts". 

It’s essential you differentiate yourself from your competitors. 

According to Webster, the definition of differentiation is:

1 : the act or process of differentiating

2: development from the one to the many, the simple to the complex, or the homogeneous to the heterogeneous differentiation of Latin into vernaculars

In the comments one person wrote:

"Complexity is the result of two broad psychological processes: differentiation and integration. Differentiation implies a movement toward uniqueness, toward separating oneself from others."

Your business needs to be perceived as unique in the eyes of your potential client. 

They need to perceive you as the best solution to their problem. 

When you search for a service provider on LinkedIn the results are dismal (good news for you!). 

99% of the coaches look identical other than their profile picture. 

Bland, boring job titles and "it's all about me" About sections. 

No differentiation.

If I’m looking for a coach, why would I choose you over the other 6.5 million coaches?

Next week, I’m doing a brand new webinar where we’re going deep into differentiation. 

There are many ways to differentiate your business from your competitors. 

We will focus on six ways to differentiate your business. 

This will be an interactive webinar. 

I’ll teach then you’ll get time to implement what you learned. 

The group will give you instant feedback. 

By the end of the webinar, you’ll stand out from your competitors. 

>>>> Register for Why You Need To Differentiate Before It's Too Late

When: Thursday NOVEMBER 4th at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern

See you on the webinar.


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