Yesterday I told you to stop searching for job titles on LinkedIn. 


When I start working with a new client, I ask them who they’re looking for on LinkedIn.

Many say “I’m looking for CEOs in companies earning $5M to $50M in revenue”

“Why are they your target market?” I ask.

“Because they can afford to hire me”

First, CEOs in companies that large do not hang out on LinkedIn looking for experts. 

CEOs at that level reach out to their peer network when they're looking for experts.

Second, CEOs at that level rarely log into LinkedIn so sending them connection requests will go nowhere fast. 

Remember, 60% of LinkedIn users log in less than once a month. 

CEOs even less.

Do you really think a CEO of a company earning $5M to $50M is going to accept your sales-pitch-invitation-to-connect request and jump on a call to see how you can help each other?

Good luck with that approach. 

“How do you know these CEOs have a problem you can solve?” I ask.

Dead silence…

I teach my clients how to search for the problems you can solve.

Jump into the conversations related to the problems you solve and build a relationship. 

Most of you tell me you don’t have time to engage in conversations on LinkedIn. 

You use software to automate your “spray and pray” attack. 

I’ve said it a million times…

“Do you do business with people who robocall your cell phone?”

Blasting automated sales pitches at your ideal client’s job title is no different than robocalling. 

It not only doesn’t work, it damages your reputation and your brand.

In my upcoming Linked Accelerator 2.0 course, you’ll discover how easy prospecting on LinkedIn can be. 

And you won’t have to spend most of your day on LinkedIn.

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