Imposter syndrome is real.

I’d say we’ve reached epidemic levels.

Millions of business professionals pivoted to new careers in 2020. 

It’s never been harder to get and keep people’s attention. 

I’ve been around the block more than once so I can spot an imposter a mile away. 

How can you spot an imposter?

Does their LinkedIn profile match what they’re trying to sell you? 

I see this rookie mistake all the time.

Their LinkedIn profile says they’re an accountant but they’re selling you LinkedIn lead gen services. 

Look at their Experience section and see how long they’ve been an “expert” in what they’re selling you.

If they’re an accountant selling you marketing services, why aren’t they using their marketing expertise to grow their own accounting firm?

Last year, I had a lot of people reach out to me offering to help grow my marketing agency.


Think about it.

I’m a marketing agency accepting money from clients to market their business because I’m a marketing expert.

Why would I need to hire a marketing agency to market my marketing agency?

How could I ethically accept money from clients if I didn’t know how to market?

A few times I responded to these LinkedIn messages and said I’d like to learn more.

I wanted to hear their pitch.

They never responded. 

Actually, one person did respond and she was brutally honest. 

When I asked why a marketing agency needed help marketing their own business, she said:

“Because most marketing agencies don’t know how to market their business”


So there are marketing agencies collecting money from clients but they don’t know how to do marketing?

Unfortunately, I hear this from many of my clients.

They hire “experts” in many fields and never get the results they were promised. 

Some spent $25K to $60K on coaching or “done for you” LinkedIn marketing. 

How many new clients did they get?


Did they get their money back?

No but the coach who took your money just posted a picture of his new Lambo.

Do your homework.

Check their LinkedIn profile. 

Search Google to see what comes up. 

Look for positive AND negative reviews.

Guard your wallet because there are many “experts” looking to pick your pocket. 

You don’t need to compete against these imposters. 

Provide a product or service that solves their problem, be honest and provide exceptional customer service. 

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Ted Prodromou

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