I’m seeing a theme lately from the “gurus". 

Crush your competition. 

For argument sake, let’s say you wiped out all of your competitors. 

Completely destroyed them. 

You’re the King of the Hill.

What would that do for your business?

I have a few “competitors” who use the search and destroy approach. 

They’ll do anything to win a deal.

They also charge an arm and a leg. 

Their great marketing leads to a high-pressure sales call. 

I know people who have paid $50K and up for “done for you LinkedIn lead gen”

And they didn’t get any new business. 


One person told me he tried to cancel his contract and my “competitor” threatened to sue him despite not delivering a single new client.

When you Google their business name there are tons of complaints. 

Many with the Better Business Bureau. 

They don’t seem to care because they’re generating 7-figures a year taking your money and not delivering results. 

Eventually they will disappear and move on to the next big scam. 

Karma catches up with them. 

Years ago, Dan Kennedy told me something that changed my approach to business.

“The pie is big enough for everyone. There’s no need to worry about your competitors.”

You can’t be everything to everybody. 

You’ll fail miserably. 

Be yourself and you will attract the right people who will become your raving fans. 

This approach has worked for me for over 20 years and I’m still going strong.

Would you rather be King of the Hill for a short time or do you want to build a sustainable business?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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