Your LinkedIn profile is often the first impression of you.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression.

In this video I show you how to make that great first impression and get people to know, like and trust you before you even speak to them.

This is LinkedIn profiles made easy.

Why LinkedIn matters.

I know most of you have a LinkedIn account, almost every business professional has one of these days.

But most people don't log in often. Only about 40% of you log in more than once a month. 

Maybe you don't think LinkedIn is that important. But let me show you why it's important. 

What happens when someone refers someone if you're looking for an accountant, or a bookkeeper or an attorney, so I'm going to give you their name, first thing you do is you go to Google, and you search their name to learn about those people.

Google's going to contain all the information about you that's on the internet, whether it's your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook, your website, you see here on mine, my website comes up first, my LinkedIn profile comes up second, then, my publisher comes up third. So your LinkedIn profile usually comes up in the top two or three searches for your name or your business name.

It's really critical that your LinkedIn profile gives people a good first impression. And when people come to my LinkedIn profile, this is what they see, you know, I got the banner, all my best practices I'm going to show you in this video, they say, yeah, your banner, your headline, you got to grab their attention quickly, because they're scrolling on their phones most of the time, and you want to get their attention, and get them to read your profile. 

And I'm going to show you how to do that now. So who is Ted Prodromou, most of you know me, if you don't know me, I've been doing online marketing for over 20 years,

I had a tech career before my internet marketing career, and had the opportunity to write Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for business for entrepreneur press.

And I've written three versions of the LinkedIn book. So did you know your LinkedIn profile is displayed to 1000s of people every day, most of you don't know this, but let me show you where it's showed.

Take a  look at Robert Middleton, he was my very first marketing mentor way back in your 2001. And when I look at his profile, on the right side, it says people also viewed that LinkedIn algorithm takes your profile your industry, who your network, where you went to school. Basically, it is everything that's in your profile, LinkedIn knows about you, and it puts it into the algorithm.

And then it puts other people in your sidebar that they think are related. So this making that good first impression on that sidebar, is where you want to get people's attention. Like Robert says, He helps business to business independent professionals get more meetings and landmark clients with kindness.

So that your USP or unique selling proposition or your benefit related statement, that's going to get people to click on the right side.

And years ago, I learned Google AdWords from Perry Marshall. And he taught us when the old Google Ads used to be on the sidebar, the whole purpose of that ad is not to sell your product or service, it's to get people to click on that ad. So if you take that same philosophy to LinkedIn, this people also viewed the purpose of that little snippet, your picture your name, and that professional headline is to get people to click on your profile to learn more about you. Let me go a little deeper in that.

You're also you show up when you connect with someone under my network, you accept an invitation, LinkedIn algorithm, say, Here's more people that live in San Francisco, where I live, that are similar to you, you may want to connect with these people, or people in marketing and advertising.

So they have a lot of different areas where they try to match you up with similar people. So you can connect to those people and grow your network with the right people.

So every day, you show up in that sidebar, and people also viewed or in this people you may know section when people accept profiles. So this is your chance to get people's attention here.

And you see most of these people here, just have their job title 99% of the time, it's your job title, because by default, that's what LinkedIn puts in front of you.

So this is your chance to get in front of literally 1000s of people on LinkedIn every day for free, and get their attention. So how do we stop that scroll? Like I said, I think 70% of LinkedIn users are on the mobile device these days. So you want to get people to stop scrolling. I mean, everybody's head is buried in their phone, probably eight hours a day these days. 

And we're just scrolling through content, skimming it, looking for some word that grabs our attention with stop, and then we read more details.

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