For years I focused on creating my “ideal” client profile from templates.

Facebook used to give us amazing demographic and psychographic information for free. 

What kind of car do they drive?

Are they married? Single? Divorced? Children?

What is the value of their home?

What is their annual income?

Where do they like to shop?

Where do they like to vacation?



We even came up with a fictitious name and a stock photo for our “ideal” client.

Coach Carla is a successful 40-something executive coach, mother of two, and married to her high school sweetheart. Carla lives in an upscale neighborhood, drives a BMW X7 SUV and loves to travel. 

Our marketing was based on these “ideal” client personas.

We built a fictitious buyer's journey that would lead Carla to become our client.

There’s a big problem with this approach. 

We know the demographic and psychographic details about “fictitious” Carla but we don’t know what problems she’s having. 

Of course, we want to work with people who can afford to hire us. 

What's missing?

Your ideal client should be the person who has a problem you can solve…

…and will gladly pay your premium rate.

How do we find our “ideal” client on LinkedIn when we can’t search for demographic and psychographic details?

Instead of searching for people and job titles, search for problems you solve. 

Every day thousands of articles and videos are posted on LinkedIn.

People have problems they want to solve.

People are asking for help.

People are engaging with the content.

Jump into the conversations.

Don’t sell…

…add value to the conversation with no expectations. 

In my upcoming Linked Accelerator 2.0 class, we will spend a lot of time on your “ideal” client and the problems you solve for them. 

2020 turned business upside down. 

The solution you provided in 2019 may or may not be what people need right now. 

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