The dirty secret about AI experts - blog article written by Ted Prodromou

If you follow marketing trends, you'll notice EVERYONE is jumping on the AI bandwagon. 

It's no surprise. 

Marketers love to jump on the latest trend. 

So much so, they leverage the short window of opportunity to make as much money as they can and then jump to the next big thing. 

When I started in marketing, Google didn't exist. 

The first big thing was Overture and pay-per-click advertising. 

Overture pioneered the pay-per-click model that let you bid on keyword phrases in 1999. 

Google was the next big thing, then social media. 

Today, there are 56,900,000 people on LinkedIn with "marketing" in their profile. 

When a new trend emerges, the floodgates open and millions of newly minted experts instantly appear. 

I've seen countless "gurus" jump from Facebook ad expert to how to start a successful web agency to copywriting to Instagram expert to TikTok expert and now AI expert. 

I hired a few Facebook ad experts to run ads for me and they failed miserably. 

A few months later I see them teaching people how to start a successful ad agency. 


I've learned gimmicks are great for earning money in the short term, but marketers will kill them quickly. 

It's no way to build a sustainable business. 

It's like the tortoise and the hare. 

The tortoise generates a steady stream of cash. 

The hare's cash flow skyrockets then plummets to zero over and over. 

Your stress level follows your cash flow. 

How can you tell if someone is really an expert? 

Take a look at their LinkedIn profile. 

I see so many LinkedIn "experts" who don't bother to update their LinkedIn profiles. 

Not one mention of being a LinkedIn expert in their LinkedIn profile. 


Follow experts who have been in the game for a long time. 

Perry Marshall has been a marketing and business growth expert for 20 years. 

Jon Benson has been a top copywriter for over 20 years. 

Eric Lofholm has been teaching sales for almost 20 years. 

I've been doing LinkedIn marketing for over a decade. 

We explore new trends but stick to our core expertise. 

Before you hire an expert to help you, do your due diligence. 

Look at their LinkedIn profile. 

Look at their website. 

Google them. 

You'll thank me later.  

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Ted Prodromou

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