Proof that AI will make you fat - blog article written by Ted Prodromou

You probably don't remember this. 

There was a time you had to get off the couch, walk across the room and turn a nob to change the channel on your television. 

When we changed the channel, we had to readjust our television antenna for each channel. 

We only had a couple of channels, so we didn't change the channel often because it was a pain in the ass. 

We didn't watch much television because we didn't have hundreds of channels. 

Today, our biggest challenge is grabbing the right remote (we have at least three). 

I can binge an entire series and never leave my couch. 

I can see a day in the not-too-distant future when I'll cheat. 

I'll let ChatGPT or Jasper write an email for me. 

We're inching closer to self-driving cars. 

Robots do the bulk of assembly line work. 

Roomba vacuums our house. 

You can automate your investing. 

Automated chatbots handle customer service requests. 

Do you remember the days we received bills in the mail, and we had to mail checks back to the vendor? 

Automated bill pay saves me hours every month. 

I'm going to date myself now... 

When I started in the computer industry, most office workers used typewriters instead of computers. 

Only a few people had access to computer systems and offices were run on paper and pencil. 

People left their desks many times a day to go to a filing cabinet to find documents. 

We walked to meetings in the office instead of jumping a Zoom for meetings. 

We walked to the break room to get coffee and chatted with our colleagues. 

We moved around a lot during the day. 

Today everything is automated. 

We never have to leave our desks. 

That's why AI is going to make us fat. 

You may get left in the dust if you're not keeping up with the latest AI trends. 

AI is evolving very quickly, and opportunities are endless. 

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