Termites, No-Reply Emails, and Snake Oil: A Marketer's Adventure, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

We have termites. 

Termites are like a cold in California. 

Everyone gets a cold. 

Eventually, you will have termites. 

We're going with the "non-toxic" orange oil treatment. 

Today's post is not about termites and how you should treat them. 

It's about a pet peeve I have. 

Why do businesses email you a quote using a "no-reply" email address? 

In case you're not familiar, a no-reply email address is an address in your domain that’s not set up to receive incoming mail. 

Instead of just replying to their email, I have to copy their email address and send them a new email. 

Aren't we supposed to make it easy for our customers to communicate with us? 

When I got into this online marketing game 20 years ago, the "gurus" taught us to use "no reply" email addresses. 

This made it impossible for them to contact us when they had a problem or question. 

They also taught us to never publish our email address or phone number on our website. 

Make it impossible for your customers to reach you. 

This is back in the wild west days when there were very few regulations. 

These snake oil salesmen would take our money and then make it difficult to get it back, even though they offered a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

These are the same guys who posted pictures of their Maserati parked in front of a 20-bedroom mansion. 

(turns out they rented the Maserati for a day and parked it in front of a stranger's mansion as they snapped a few quick pictures). 

Our only recourse was due to a chargeback through our credit card company. 

The online marketing world is still full of snake oil salesmen, so buyers, beware. 

My question is, "Why do legit businesses still use no-reply email addresses?" 

- Ted 

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