Be a Morning Procrastinator: The Lazy Way to Accomplish More, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Every morning starts the same way. 

The cloudless blue sky. 

A blue you’ve never seen before. 

The deep blue lake is absolutely still. 

Like it’s still asleep. 

The blue sky and water colors are unique to Lake Tahoe. 

(If you are wondering what this has to do with LinkedIn or running your small business, keep reading and I’ll let you know in the P.S.) 

The air is calm. 

Perfectly still. 

The clean air lets you see forever while smelling the pine scent from the surrounding forest. 

Birds chirping. 

Geese honking. 

Otherwise perfectly quiet. 

The snow-capped mountains completely surround you. 

The magnificence of 10,000’ peaks rising from the crystal-clear lake inspires you. 

To the right, the daily waterskier zips back and forth across the glass-like lake. 

To the left, the bright yellow hot air balloon slowly rises above the lake. 

The silence deepens. 

There’s a deep tranquility that spreads throughout your mind and body. 

As the sun rises, the lake slowly begins to wake. 

The water’s gentle movement creates a calming, hypnotic sensation. 

Small waves gently fall to the shore in perfect rhythm. 

Taking your relaxation to a deeper level. 

Paddleboarders appear out of nowhere gliding across the frigid waters. 

Morning walkers stroll along the shore enjoying the peacefulness. 

As the sun rises above the mountain peaks, the town begins to awaken. 

Another day of perfection begins. 

We’ve been coming to this resort at Lake Tahoe for over 25 years and every summer day starts the same way. 

Mother Nature has her morning routine. 

My vacation morning routine is sitting on the beach for an hour enjoying Mother Nature’s routine. 

At home, I have a similar but different morning routine. 

I first learned about morning routines from Hal Elrod. 

We were in a mastermind together and he was finishing the first edition of The Miracle Morning. 

Hal has gone on to write many variations of The Miracle Morning and his morning routines have changed millions of lives. 

Do you have a morning routine? 

Hit Reply and share your morning routine. 

- Ted 

P.S. Glad you made it this far. 

What does this have to do with LinkedIn or running your small business? 


…and everything. 

I share stories about my life and my business to build relationships. 

I love to travel and my business allows me to work from anywhere. 

I share my pet peeves. 

I share success stories and horror stories. 

Running a business is like riding a roller coaster. 

We go through ups and downs. 

Having a community to support us helps us get past the dips and celebrate successes. 

Sharing stories like this attracts people I love working with. 

Sharing stories like this results in some unsubscribing. 

That’s fine with me because they aren’t my ideal clients. 

If you know anyone who would enjoy my stories, please share this link with them. 


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