Navigating 64 Tabs: A Look Inside My Content Chaos, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Today I broke a record. 

64 open tabs on my browser. 

Remember when we used to bookmark sites? 

I have bookmarks that are at least a decade old. 

I know I could delete my bookmarks and start over, but I may need one of those bookmarks someday (haha the jokes on me). 

I leave a tab open thinking I'll get back to that site, but I rarely do. 

I even have a tab bookmarking tool, which is supposed to help me stay organized, but I'm too busy jumping from tab to tab to figure out how to use it properly. 

Most of my open tabs today are AI-related. 

I've been testing different AI tools and I have hundreds of pages of output. 

Some in Google Docs. Some in Evernote. Some in Word docs. Some in Notion. 

My content is all over the place because the instructors share content from their favorite tools. 

I was in an AI-class yesterday and someone asked how to manage the output we're generating. 

Of course, we want to pick one portal and move all of that content into your favorite portal. 

But that takes time. 

A lot of my content is still in ChatGPT, or Jasper, or Claude, or fill in your latest favorite tool. 

I need to move my nuggets into one portal but again, that takes time. 

Next week, I'm on vacation so I'm going to close all 64 tabs and start fresh when I return. 

When I create new content, I'll use one portal to keep my content open. 

I want you to hold me accountable. 

What's your favorite tool to manage your content? 

Leave a reply and let me know. 

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