June 3

Susan RoAne – The Face-to-Face Method to Building a Base of Referrals

In this episode of Social Selling TV, my special guest and good friend Susan RoAne, shares networking tips from her best-selling book, How To Work A Room® which has sold over 1.2 million copies in the past 25 years.

Today's presentation: The SOCIAL (Face-To-Face) Method to Building A Base of Referrals & Relationships

Golden Nuggets:
1. If walking into a roomful of people you don’t know is daunting; you’re normal. About 90% of American adults self-identify as Shy.
2. Shift your focus to “What I can do to make others comfortable with me”. That relieves pressure and stress and contributes to confidence,comfort and conversations.
3. Always prepare your own 7-9 second self-introduction which is NOT an elevator speech.
BONUS: Bring who you are to what you do.

Here's a free infographic on How to Work a Room®

Learn more about Susan at www.susanroane.com

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Susan RoAne

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