Sorry, but the truth hurts, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

As I scan my Gmail swipe email, I see subject lines like this: 

Ready to Earn $3,493 Commissions? 

Exclusive Invitation: Scale to $100k in 100 Days 

$81k with a BRAND NEW FB group??? 

$7,000 value for only $97 

How To Make $6000+/mth With Secret Assets 

I Built a $1,000,000 Online Business 

I call BS! 

If it sounds too good to be true, RUN! 

I've been in this marketing game for over 20 years and sadly watched "gurus" take people's hard-earned money promising amazing results. 

Sorry, your $37 investment won't teach you how to build a $100K business. 

$97 won't get you there either. 

I have two clients who invested over $50K with one of my "competitors" who promised they would deliver 50 qualified leads every week. 

They got zero qualified leads. 

One even got sued when they tried to cancel the contract. 

It's harder than ever to compete online even if you are a legit business. 

Competition is fierce and it's hard to rise above the noise. 

I've been telling you for a few months that there's been a huge shift online. 

Google, Meta, and the other big players are seeing ad revenue plummet. 

The internet is flooded with generic content. 

AI is accelerating the amount of generic content. 

Consumers are more savvy and don't fall for marketing strategies that worked a few years ago. 

Here's a video from Rand Fishkin that summarizes what's happening. 

I've been following Rand since he created SEOMoz over a decade ago. 

He's the real deal. 

It's time to adapt right now. 

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