But everyone else is doing it, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

How many times did your mother catch you doing something wrong? 

Was your response, "Everyone else was doing it"? 

You know what you did was wrong, but your friends were doing it. 

That argument never flew with my Mother. 

I'm still wondering how my mother always knew when I was doing something wrong. 

I see this in the business world every day. 

One business creates a promotion and almost immediately the competition launches a copycat version. 

A severe case of FOMO hits them and they feel they need to act quickly to keep up with the competition. 

It doesn't mean the original campaign was successful. 

They copied it because everyone was doing it. 

Take a look at your inbox. 

Do you see any Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals? 

BTW, when did Black Friday become a month-long event? 

Do you see any copycat offers? 

Any offers stand out? 

How do you get people to open your Black Friday offer when hundreds of other offers are in their inbox? 

Does your email look like the proverbial needle in a haystack? 

When you invest in a Black Friday deal for a course that is 90% off, do you complete the course? 

Do you even log in? 

This is why I stopped doing BFCM offers (thanks for sharing the acronym, Paige Worthy). 

I would offer a course at a steep discount and a lot of people would buy it. 

Very few logged into the course. 

Even fewer became coaching clients. 

They quickly became my nightmare clients, pestering me with endless questions. 

Offering a steep discount attracts the bottom feeders. 

That's why I stopped offering steep discounts on my offers. 


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