Some call it beginners luck, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

I ventured out on my own in the mid-1990s. 

Here's a recap of my first year as a solopreneur: 

  • Zero marketing (I had no idea how to market and I didn't know where to start) 
  • Zero sales experience (I was a W2 employee for over 20 years) 
  • I earned over $250K 
  • 100% of my business was from referrals 
  • I never asked for a referral (asking for a referral scared the hell out of me and felt desperate) 

How did I do it? 

Al Gore invented the internet, providing me with a huge opportunity. 

Businesses wanted to jump on the internet bandwagon before their competitors. 

Getting on the internet in the mid-1990s wasn't easy. 

Special phone lines needed to be ordered and installed. 

Routers were hard to configure. 

Phone companies were figuring this out on the fly, so their technology didn't always work. 

Tech support was an oxymoron. 

My competitive advantage? 

I was the first network manager at Cellular One. 

I had over 10 years of experience making buggy technology work. 

I didn't have to market or sell. 

"Just get me on the internet and send me a bill" 

Life is very different today. 

Almost all of my business is still from referrals. 

I love to give referrals, but I still struggle with asking for referrals. 

This month our Mastermind Book Club selection is Generating Business Referrals Without Asking: A Simple 5-Step Plan to a Referral Explosion by Stacy Brown Randall. 

Stacy shares how we can feel comfortable asking for referrals (she often gets over 100 per month) and how to build strong referral networks (hint: it starts with relationships). 

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