Conventional wisdom says to build a relationship before asking for the sale. 

You know I'm not a big fan of "spray and pray" marketing but this one has me rethinking my strategy. 

Dean Jackson, marketer extraordinaire, has a theory. 

His theory is backed by years of split testing data. 

His theory is NOW or NOT NOW. 

Either someone is ready to buy right NOW or they’re not. 

No harm if they're not ready. 

Some day they may be. 

I don't remember his exact numbers but it's something like this: 

  • 7% are ready to buy right NOW after subscribing to your email list 

  • 43% will buy from you in the next YEAR 

  • 50% of the people on your email list will NEVER buy from you 

Carry this concept to LinkedIn messaging. 

My goal is to start 2-3 real "conversations" every day through LinkedIn messages. 

Not sales pitches. 

"Get to know you" chats. 

Many of these chats turn into the 43% who buy from me in the next YEAR. 

There are times where people are ready to work with me right NOW. 

I used to send them a calendar link.  

Finding common blocks of free time often results in a Zoom call a week or two later. 

By the time we Zoom, they've gone from a RED-HOT prospect to LUKEWARM. 

They were ready to buy. 

Their credit card was burning a hole in their pocket. 

A week or two later, we've both forgotten what we were chatting about. 

We need to strike while the iron is hot. 

Close the 7% who are ready to buy right now. 

LinkedIn and Zoom made that possible with a recent update. 

You can now start a Zoom call right from a LinkedIn Message. 

>>> Here's how to do it. 

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