My recent emails mentioning Elon Musk struck a nerve with some of you. 

I never knew mentioning Elon Musk would trigger such a response. 

Personally, I have no opinion of him other than I would never work for someone like him because of his leadership style. 

In case you missed the emails, here they are: 

In this email, I talked about leadership styles. 

Does a good leader tell his future employees that 75% of them would be fired as soon as he buys the company? 

Does a good leader call Twitter employees stupid BEFORE he buys the company? 

Does a good leader threaten, intimidate, and create chaos in a company BEFORE he buys the company? 

Some of you think my post was from a far-left-extremist viewpoint because I don't agree with his leadership style. 

Somehow this led to some telling me Hunter Biden's laptop cost Donald Trump the 2020 election. 

I've heard of reading between the lines, but this is crazy. 

In yesterday's email, I talked about a former boss I had that told us "You can sleep when you die". 

Here's yesterday's email: 

I used to work at an investment bank where the stress level was off the chart because of the demanding CEO. 

Elon Musk's mandate that Twitter employees must agree to "do EXTREMELY HARDCORE" or get out" by 5 PM today reminded me of my days at the investment bank. 

I never said I hated Elon Musk. 

Somehow this was construed by some to be another far-left conspiracy and an attack on free speech. 

Again, this email was about leadership styles and how I don't like working for people who lead by intimidation. 

There's nothing political about that. 

It's my personal preference that I don't want to work in a hostile environment. 

Well, now I know how to clean up my email list and get the haters to unsubscribe. 

Talk about leadership and Elon Musk in the same email. 

Chill out people and have a great weekend! 

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