'Tis the season for Black Friday Deals. 

I bet your inbox is full of early Black Friday Deals and teasers for the main event. 

Scanning my inbox this morning, it seems like the volume of emails has doubled this week. 

Remember when people would camp out for days in front of stores to be first in line for Black Friday Deals? 

My nephew used to camp out so he could get first dibs on closeout computer equipment. 

No thanks. 

Today, Black Friday Deals are turning into Black Friday Weeks. 

It's no longer a one-day event. 

I used to offer Black Friday Deals. 

You could get one of my courses for up to 90% off. 

I stopped offering Black Friday Deals a few years ago. 

From my experience, people who invested in my deals weren't my best customers. 

Most were "one and done" buyers and they only invested because of the steep discount. 

Many never logged in to watch my course so they really missed the boat. 

Instead of offering a Black Friday Deal, I'm going the route of REI. 

Since 2015, they've closed their stores to let their employees enjoy time with the families and get outside. 

On Friday, I'll be enjoying time with my family. 

If you come across any good Black Friday Deals, send them my way. I do enjoy a good deal! 

P.S. Instead of charging you for my upcoming masterclass, Why You Don't Need More Leads on LinkedIn, you can attend as my guest. The social media landscape is changing, and 2019 marketing strategies no longer work. 

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