Please don't use ChatGPT on LinkedIn, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

I've been testing some scripts for LinkedIn messaging on ChatGPT 4 and the AIPRM add-on. 

AIPRM has some templates for LinkedIn messages and content so I added this prompt. 

Write 10 LinkedIn invitation messages to senior executives in the united states and work for fortune 500 companies 

  1. Hi [Name], I'm inspired by your leadership at [Company], a Fortune 500 giant! Let's connect and exchange insights on industry trends and innovations. Cheers! 
  2. Greetings [Name], I admire your accomplishments at [Company] and would value the opportunity to connect and learn from your expertise as a senior executive. Best regards! 
  3. Hello [Name], your impact on [Company]'s growth as a Fortune 500 company is impressive. I'd be honored to connect and discuss strategies for continued success. Warm regards! 
  4. Hi [Name], as a key player in the Fortune 500 arena, I find your work at [Company] truly inspiring. Let's connect and explore potential synergies in our industries. Best wishes! 

The rest of the samples are just as lame as these so I won't waste your time. 

I would be reaching out to senior executives at Fortune 500 companies. 

Would a senior executive at this level accept my invitation so we can exchange insights and explore potential synergies? 

Sadly, I've been receiving invitations to connect using this same language. 

I ask my clients to read their LinkedIn messages out loud to me. 

It's a powerful exercise for them. 

Hi Ted, I'm inspired by your leadership at [Company], a Fortune 500 giant! Let's connect and exchange insights on industry trends and innovations. Cheers! 

I ask them if they would say this to me if we met at a conference. 

Of course not. 

AI is a powerful tool for lead generation but not for generating boring LinkedIn messages. 

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