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Of course, I've been playing with ChatGPT and testing it on LinkedIn. 

I was on a group coaching call with Marjorie Gutierrez, so we put her LinkedIn profile to the test. 

I have the free version of AIPRM installed in my ChatGPT account, which provides me with templated prompt starters. 

I used a LinkedIn-based template from AIRPM and here's what I added to my first prompt: 

you are a linkedin and copywriting expert. Create 10 LinkedIn professional headlines that are attention-grabbing but not too much hype for this profile 

Here are 10 LinkedIn professional headlines based on Marjorie's LinkedIn profile. 

I reviewed Marjorie Gutierrez's LinkedIn profile and created 10 attention-grabbing headlines for her. Please note that these are suggestions and should be tailored to represent Marjorie's skills, experience, and preferences accurately. 

1. Ambitious Sales Leader Driving Revenue Growth & Building Lasting Relationships 

2. High-Performing Sales Professional | Growing Businesses One Connection at a Time 

3. Innovative Sales Strategist | Unleashing Business Potential Through Relationship Mastery 

4. Dynamic Sales Expert | Empowering Teams and Fueling Business Growth 

5. Results-Driven Sales Champion | Turning Prospects Into Loyal Customers 

6. Sales Trailblazer | Delivering Unparalleled Business Success Through Trusted Partnerships 

7. Sales Dynamo | Amplifying Business Growth Through Strategic Relationship Development 

8. Sales Powerhouse | Crafting Success Stories Through Win-Win Partnerships 

9. Bold Sales Visionary | Unlocking Business Potential Through Strategic Alliances 

10. Collaborative Sales Catalyst | Driving Growth & Strengthening Client Partnerships 

Just for fun, I asked for more. 

write 10 more attention-grabbing headlines and knock my socks off 

Here are 10 more attention-grabbing headlines designed to impress and capture interest: 

1. Sales Sorcerer: Transforming Business Landscapes with Relationship Alchemy 

2. Master of Sales Synergy: Building Bridges to Accelerate Success 

3. Sales Maestro: Orchestrating Business Growth Through Harmonious Partnerships 

4. The Sales Whisperer: Unraveling the Secrets of Enduring Business Relationships 

5. Revenue Rainmaker: Conjuring Business Growth Through Strategic Partnerships 

6. Sales Magician: Turning Handshakes into Win-Win Business Success Stories 

7. The Sales Trailblazer: Igniting Explosive Growth Through Exceptional Relationship-Building 

8. Sales Renegade: Challenging Conventions & Delivering Unprecedented Business Results 

9. Deal-Making Dynamo: Connecting, Captivating, and Converting Prospects Into Profit 

10. Sales Avenger: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships for Unstoppable Business Growth 

These are a bit over the top but that's what I asked for. 

I wouldn't cut and paste one of these headlines into Marjorie's profile but they are better than I expected for a starting point. 

As I've said in the past, ChatGPT can provide some good ideas but you have to add your own personality. 

Which headline would you use as a starting point for Marjorie's LinkedIn profile? 

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