I met Justin Brooke before he was a "guru". 

I watched him grow from being an unpaid intern for Russell Brunson to one of the best marketers ever. 

He has a way of simplifying things that we overthink. 

Today he posted this on Facebook. 

For years I chased the next big thing. 

The latest traffic source. 

The latest gimmick that would make me rich. 

A few years ago, I finally realized that successfully marketing your business comes down to this: 

Dear Marketers, 

Something’s been on my heart for awhile that I think is of great importance to you. Especially those of you who have been ”in the game” more than 10 years. 

But you young whipper snappers listen up too, there be wisdom in this. 

This year is my 17th year earning an income online, 15 of which have been full time. I’ve been talking about “traffic” for 12 years! I have LITERALLY been on Facebook longer than they’ve had “pixels.” 

When you’ve been doing the same thing for so long you have to start trying to find new ways to say the same thing. Because I promise you nothing really changes. Yes, even on the Internet. 

Humans still just want to be loved, envied, comfortable, and feel like their lives have mattered. 

Say whatever you want about email, but it’s always been the king, still is the king, and will be the king. Until you see all these memberships and social networks not asking for your email to sign in, then email is still El Rey. 

For example… 

1. Choose an audience 

2. Find out what that audience wants 

3. Create a page somewhere that gives them what they want 

4. Ask them to subscribe 

5. Send them consistent value 

6. Send them a limited time “sale” once in awhile 

7. Repeat steps 2-7 infinitum 

Sound familiar? 

It’s the way you build anything online. AN-EEEE-THIIIING! 

Want to know how to be the next great podcaster? That’s the recipe. 

Want to know how to be the next great TikTok’er? That’s the recipe. 

Want to know how to build the next great Ecom brand? That’s the recipe. 

Want to be the next great course seller? That’s the recipe. 

Want to be a high-ticket coach? That’s the recipe. 

It. Doesn’t. Change. 


Nope… Not even for whatever retort you’re planning to write a comment about. 

Maybe some of my older homies, the real OG’s, will pipe in and tell you that’s been the way even before the Internet. 

What I’m trying to say is… 

After you’ve “cracked the code” the excitement of it all slowly fades and it becomes more about being consistent, building systems, simplifying, and getting your life back (from your years of rise and grind). 

It’s less about figuring out the mystery and more about how do I stay alive and relevant, cuz these young whipper snappers are GOOD! 

So, I’ve thought a lot about “retirement.” 

Just like we don’t really have “health insurance” for Internet marketers, we also don’t have 401k’s. 

So how do we retire? 

Do we? 

What’s that even look like? 

And I’ve come up with an answer that I’m curious to know if y’all would like to hear me talk about more. Let me know in the comments. 

I’m calling it “The Internet Marketing Retirement Plan.” 

Step 1: Build a big email list 

Step 2: Retire 

Let the up and comers hunt down the latest tools and gear to buy. We’ve already been there done that and learned the tools ain’t the answer. 

Let the up and comers fly and drive all around the world speaking on stages, because I dunno about you but if I never saw another airport in my life, I’d be ok. In fact I’d smile a little about that! 

Let the up and comers stay up all night stressing about which JV is going to mail out tomorrow and how are we going to afford our launch prizes and how on earth are we going to live through the reciprocal emails this launch is going to cost me! 

Feel me??? 

Build a list, press send daily, and enjoy the rest of your day. 



The Internet Marketing Retirement Plan! I would talk about how to build a BIG email list (I am the guy who got 10,000 leads a day after all). 

  • I would talk about how I’m getting my health back after a decade of sitting indoors in front of a computer. 

  • I would talk about how I’m debt free and investing my Internet monies. 

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY… I would talk about a how to live slower paced more peaceful and calm lifestyle, that is STILL just as lucrative as our younger years. 

Watcha think? 

P.S. I know… it’s just new lipstick on an old dog (list building), but still, I think it works. It’s kinda catchy and I think it fits. 

P.P.S. Don’t think for a minute anything is happening to AdSkills. I love my baby and we’re building steam. I’ve got at least another 5-10 years left in me to dunk on these youngsters. 

But I am beginning to plan for a slower, more relaxed future some day.

Justin Brooke


Thank you Justin! 

Ready to grow your email list? 

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