In today's email from Mindvalley, they announced a new AI-powered meditation app. 

AI-powered meditation? 

When I think of meditation, technology doesn't come to mind. 

I think of relaxation and calming my mind. 

I first learned how to meditate using the Silva Method about 30 years ago. 

Burt Goldman was our instructor and he taught us the Silva Method in a hotel conference room. 

I guess technology does go with meditation because I use the Calm app and listen to guided meditations. 

Occasionally, I listen to Silva Method guided meditations from a CD program I purchased from Nightingale Conant that I transferred to my phone. 

Is adding AI to the mix going too far? 

Every day you can choose from four meditations and each of the meditations matches how you want to transform that day. 

For some reason automating meditation doesn't feel right to me. 

AI is rapidly becoming part of our lives whether we like it or not. 

Social media learns which content we like and shows us more. 

They also suggest who our "friends" should be. 

Amazon knows what we like and suggests similar products. 

Netflix suggests new shows based on what we've watched in the past. 

I see countless AI programs that claim to automate your content creation. 

They're getting better but they have a long way to go before they'll replace human content creators and copywriters. 

Even if you could automate content creation, one thing will always be missing... 


Your AI-bot will develop a personality over time, but it won't be the same as you sharing your opinion and expertise. 

What do you think about AI? 

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