Yesterday Microsoft announced earnings were up 17% last quarter.

LinkedIn revenue was up 23% last quarter. 

LinkedIn sessions were up 30% last quarter with record engagement. 

It seems like the same results every quarter since Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in late 2016. 

Pandemic or not, LinkedIn is hitting its stride and my business is thriving because of it. 

To play devil’s advocate, my first thought is "how do they define engagement?" 

Many of my "competitors" teach their LinkedIn system. 

  1. Use LinkedIn automation software (they always have their favorite aka affiliate deals or their own platform) 
  2. Search for your ideal client’s job title 
  3. Invite 50 people a day to connect with a soft sales pitch in the customized invitation 
  4. If they accept your invitation, follow up with a welcome message and a sales pitch 
  5. The next day send a message with "useful" content 
  6. Two days later send another message with "useful" content 
  7. Two days later send another message with "useful" content 
  8. Two days later thank them for connecting last week and invite them to a 15 minute call so you can get to know each other 
  9. Follow up a month later to see if they need your help 
You get it. 

I’m sure you’ve been on the receiving end of these "marketing" campaigns. 

How often to you respond to these automated sales pitches? 

If LinkedIn considers sending automated invitations and followup messages engagement, that explains the 30% increase in engagement every quarter. 

I have my own definition of engagement. 

Yesterday I attended a networking meeting at 

There were about 60 people on the Zoom call and everyone did a one minute introduction following their Got, Give, Get format. (What have you Got to offer, what do you have to Give to the community, and what do you want to Get from other attendees) 

After the introductions, we went into virtual breakout rooms where we could meet each other to see how we could help each other. 

Yesterday I added 25 new LinkedIn connections who are people I have seen and talked to. 

They know what I do to help people and I know what they do. 

I have calls scheduled with 12 of those people. 

I referred business to 3 of them already. 

I received 5 referrals from the meeting. 

Doesn’t that sound much better then blasting automated invitations and messages to complete strangers who may or may not accept my invitation to connect. 

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