I stumbled upon your profile and I see we have a lot of common interests.

Let’s connect and see how we can do a joint venture.

You “stumbled" upon my profile? I’ll give you one point for “trying" to be different but you can do much better than this. 

What interests do we have in common? 

Give me a hint, please. 

Didn’t your mother tell you not to do business with complete strangers? 

Really, when was the last time you did a joint venture with a complete stranger? 

How's that working for you? 

Yesterday I shared why robocalling and LinkedIn spamming will damage your brand’s reputation. 

Sending lame invitations is not the way to make a great first impression. 

If we met in person at a conference or networking event, what would you say to me? 

Hi Ted. I wanted to quickly add some value (there are too many people on here just pitching) and share this awesome Facebook group with you…


Why don’t people write messages like they speak? 

LinkedIn messages are one-to-one communications between two human beings. 

Why do people turn a simple conversation into a sales pitch in the first minute of a new relationship? 

The other day I received this message after someone viewed one of my LinkedIn videos. 

Hey Ted!

I noticed you’ve got a distinct vibe, and I love meeting unique people like yourself.

That’s something you may say to someone after you see them speak on stage or on a video. 

Want to learn how I start casual conversations with people on LinkedIn that keep my pipeline overflowing? 

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