As soon as I pressed SEND on yesterday’s email, I received this InMail message on LinkedIn. 

How would you respond?

I might respond to this message if I knew the person and worked with them in the past or had colleagues who could vouch for him. 

But to enter into a business relationship with a complete stranger... 

No thank you. 

How should you ask people to connect? 

I used to search for my "ideal" client then send them a message telling them why I wanted to connect. 

Most of the time they accepted my invitation even though we never met in person. 

It’s a long haul to move a complete stranger into a raving fan. 

These days I rarely invite people to connect. 

If I really want to connect with someone, I focus on getting their attention. 

I look for active people who post interesting content and I engage with their content. 

Occasionally they see that I commented on their content and they invite me to connect. 

This is more effective than me blindly inviting them to connect. 

Consider it a warm lead instead of a cold lead. 

If I comment on their content a few times and they don’t invite me to connect, I invite them to connect with a message like "I’m enjoying your posts about XXX. (Add a sentence referencing a specific idea they mentioned and why you like/agree/disagree with it.) 

They will almost always accept your invitation and again it’s a warm lead because you started a conversation with them through their content. 

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