I swear they're copying me, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Last month, I was thinking about creating a new marketing offer related to irresistible offers. 

Now, everywhere I look, I see marketers talking about irresistible offers. 

I guess it's like buying a new car. 

You buy a new Lexus LS and you start seeing Lexus LS cars everywhere. 

Or are the marketers blatantly copying me? 

Have you ever noticed life goes in cycles? 

I could get all philosophical on you about the meaning of life, but I'll spare you. 

I am also guilty of noticing marketing cycles because I'm a marketing nerd. 

Christmas decorations at Costco in August. 

Pumpkin spice in October. 

This year, pumpkin spice started at the beginning of September, so the trend seems to be dead as we enter October. 

When will marketers learn not to be so greedy? 

I'm also addicted to reverse-engineering marketing campaigns. 

I can't watch a television commercial or pass a billboard without analyzing the ad. 

What are they trying to sell me? 

What emotional triggers are they using? 

Back to irresistible offers. 

Next week, the first issue of my new Biz Boosters Newsletter hits the newsstands (do newsstands still exist?) 

To celebrate, I asked a few of my marketing buddies what they consider an irresistible offer. 

I also asked them to share an irresistible offer they couldn't refuse. 

Here's a sample of what I'm sharing in the first issue of Biz Boosters. 

My friend Tom Ruwitch shared his take on irresistible offers and how he couldn't say no to a seven-grand offer. 

Watch Tom's video here

Tell me about an irresistible offer you couldn't refuse. 


P.S. I'm taking bets that Biz Boosters will be an offer you can't refuse 🙂 

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