I ran out of LinkedIn invitations, blog article written by Ted Prodromou.

A colleague reached out to me on LinkedIn because he hit his 100 invitation limit. 

I've never hit that limit because I stopped inviting people based on job titles. 

My approach years ago was to search for a job title like "executive coach" or "entrepreneur" and then invite them to connect. 

My reason for connecting was solely because of their job title. 

Sounded like a great strategy at the time, but most "executive coaches" or "entrepreneurs" weren't looking for help with LinkedIn when we connected. 

Today, I have a completely different, more effective approach you will learn in the next Linked Accelerator class. 

Back to Sam's question about the 100-invitation limit... 

Last year, LinkedIn limited you to 100 invitations per week because people were getting too aggressive with the "spray and pray" approach. 

Instead of inviting people to connect, Follow them. 

When you Follow someone, they will receive a notification. 

From my experience, most people invite you to connect if you Follow them first. 

It's a great way to flip the script. 

Before Follow was an option, I used to view profiles if I wanted to connect with people which is a similar strategy. 

Back to Sam's question... 

I asked him how many new clients did he want each month? 

Let's say Sam wanted one new client each week or four per month. 

How many conversations do you need to have to close one client per week? 

Conversations start relationships. 

Relationships can turn into clients, but they take time to build. 

That's why I invented Conversation Stacking. 

I'll be going deep into Conversation Stacking in the upcoming Linked Accelerator class. 

Every day I start 2-3 new conversations with people on LinkedIn. 

As you know, threaded conversations can go on for days with short replies every day or three. 

I can have 10-15 conversations going at once because of the lag between responses. 

I start conversations with people I feel can add value to my network. 

I don't focus on starting conversations with just prospects. 

Relationships can turn into clients but more often they turn into referrals. 

Who doesn't want more referrals? 

You don't need to send 100 invitations per week to get one new client when you use Conversation Stacking. 

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