Ads in Gmail are never based on the content of your emails, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

This message appeared at the top of my Gmail feed this morning: 

Ads in Gmail are never based on the content of your emails. 

Give me a break Google. 

I see ads related to the content of my Gmail every day. 

When I ran Google ads for a living, this was one of the most effective ways to target our ads. 

Last year, Google said they would stop targeting ads related to our Gmail content. 

Are they serious this time? 

Right now I'm seeing an ad from AppSumo. 

Yesterday I logged into AppSumo. 

I'm seeing ads from Amazon with products related to my latest Amazon shipment. 

Have you ever talked with someone at your kitchen table and your iPhone was near you? 

Suddenly you start seeing ads on your iPhone for a product you were discussing with your friend. 

Google and Apple swear they don't listen in on our conversations but... 

Don't get me wrong. 

I love yelling across the room "Alexa play the Beatles' White Album" and it starts playing. 

I don't like these devices listening to everything I say and then trying to sell me something. 

A few years ago Ellen and I were on vacation and our neighbor Kim was house-sitting. 

Kim knew nothing about Amazon Dot and Alexa. 

Out of the blue, Alexa started talking to Kim. 

Of course, she totally freaked out. 

I'd pay anything to see a video of Kim trying to figure out where these voices were coming from. 

ChatGPT brought AI front and center. 

AI has been around for a long time, and ChatGPT is one tool making it easier to implement. 

Every day, AI is making our lives easier by automating repetitive tasks. 

LinkedIn is adding AI to help create better professional headlines and profiles. 

Tomorrow I'll show you how LinkedIn + AI works. 

It feels like we're at the beginning of something big... 

But at what point will we say "ENOUGH?" 

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