Good, better, or best? Blog article written by Ted Prodromou

You've seen ads offering three options, GOOD, BETTER, and BEST. 

These offers used to grab my attention until I learned a dirty little secret. 

Affiliate marketers do "reviews" of products and rank them as GOOD, BETTER, and BEST. 

We're in the market for a new hot water heater (the joys of owning your own home) so I search for "hot water heater reviews". 

You see a lot of "review" sites with articles about your hot water heater options. 

Of course, the product they rate the highest is the one they receive the highest commission from. 

Selecting BEST doesn't mean you are investing in the BEST option. 

For my upcoming Linked Accelerator class, I considered offering GOOD, BETTER, and BEST options. 

Some people only want the replays so they would go with GOOD. 

Side note: my wife Ellen would choose GOOD because she always goes with the cheapest option which many people do (I prefer BETTER and BEST most of the time). 

People who want to attend the live calls and receive the replays would invest in the BETTER option. 

The BEST option would let you attend the live calls, watch the replays and get ongoing support for one year in my Rapid Results Academy. 

As I was building the landing page, it was too confusing to offer three options. 

One of my mentors whispered in my ear, "Take them by the hand and lead them where you want them to go. Keep it simple enough that Homer Simpson would know exactly how to invest in your product." 

There will be one option to invest in Linked Accelerator. 

The doors to Linked Accelerator open soon, so get on the early bird list and save $200 off the BEST option. 

>>> Early Birds Save $200

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