I know what you’re thinking...

You can’t sell your LinkedIn profile. 

Even if you could, who would want it? 

In this crazy world where people are paying millions for NFT’s maybe there is a market for your LinkedIn profile. 

Is your LinkedIn profile good enough that someone would make you an offer? 

I’m promise there’s a point to this story… 

(Being away from work for almost three weeks gave me lots of time to clear my head so watch out!) 

My neighbor's house sold in March. 

On the market for 3 days. 

901 square feet. 

2 bedrooms 1 bath. 

9 offers. 

Sold for $1.2 million which wasn’t the highest bid. 

A house down the street just sold. 

1200 square feet. 

2 bedrooms 2 baths. 

The lot is 5000 square feet. 

$1.95 million. 

The market is crazy but there’s one thing that made these houses sell for even more. 


When did staging a house become a thing? 

When we bought our house, they cleaned up the clutter and put a fresh coat of paint on the house. 

They didn’t move out and stage the house. 

Some houses we looked at were empty but staging wasn’t a thing in 1989. 

Today, staging can make an average house look like a million dollar house. 

You can put lipstick on some pigs. 

Back to your LinkedIn profile. 

Is it good enough that someone would want to buy it? 

Most LinkedIn profiles are boring. 

3rd person accounts of your "amazing" career. 

Boring profile pictures and even more boring professional headlines. 

You can tell most people don’t think their LinkedIn profile matters so they ignore it. 

But it does matter. 

It’s often the first impression people have of you and your business. 

So make your LinkedIn profile great!

Treat it like the house you are selling and you want to receive top dollar. 

Stage it to make it so great that someone would make you an offer you can’t refuse. 

I’ll be sharing some LinkedIn profile tips over the next few days so stay tuned... 


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