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Ellen and I are off to Europe for the rest of the month. 

I know you'll miss my almost-daily inspirations, but I have you covered. 

Here are some of my favorite people who send amazing email messages. 

Laura Belgray - My personal email mentor 

I met Laura in 2019 at Copy Chief Live and immediately invested in her InBox Hero course. 

To say InBox Hero changed my business is an understatement. 

Get on Laura's list at www.talkingshrimp.com 

You can thank me later. 

Brian Kurtz - Direct marketing legend 

I met Brian through Perry Marshall about 10 years ago. 

Brian is a direct marketing legend (Google him) who is a great teacher and mentor. 

He's very kind, humble, and one of the most generous people I know. 

Get on Brian's list at https://www.briankurtz.net/ 

Tom Ruwitch - My personal storytelling mentor 

I met Tom through a mutual friend and we instantly hit it off. 

Tom tells amazing stories in his almost-daily emails. 

He's also an amazing teacher, entrepreneur, and all-around good guy. 

Get on Tom's list at https://storypowermarketing.com/ 

Lorrie Morgan - Red Hot Copy 

I met Laurie almost 20 years ago when we were both getting started in this marketing game. 

We met at a Dan Kennedy conference in Chicago in 2004 and reconnected a few years ago at Copy Chief Live. 

Lorrie is recognized as one of the top 10 female copywriters of all time (I say one of the top 10 male or female copywriters. 

Get on Lorrie's list at https://redhotcopy.com/ 

Robert Middleton - My first marketing mentor 

In 2001, I was completing my coaching certification at the Co-Active Training Institute

I knew nothing about marketing and one of the coaches told me to get on Robert's email list. 

I've been on his list since 2001 and I still look forward to his Tuesday morning emails. 

Robert is a great marketing mentor and good friend. 

Get on Robert's list at https://actionplan.club/ 

Cole Schafer - Great copywriter and storyteller 

I found Cole on LinkedIn after Laura Belgray commented on one of his posts (proof that LinkedIn works!) 

Cole writes engaging email stories. 

His emails make you think about a topic long after you finish reading. 

Get on Cole's list at https://coleschafer.com 

Csaba Borzasi - Game of Conversions 

I met Csaba in Brian Kurtz's Titans Xcelerator Mastermind. 

Csaba is a great copywriter and teacher. 

He became a great copywriter by studying great copywriters and high-performing sales letters and then applying what he learns. 

In fact, he analyzed 100 of the best-performing sales letters of all time and shared the reviews on his YouTube channel. 

Get on Csaba's list at https://gameofconversions.com/ 

I'll stop here because I need to start packing for my trip. 

I may or may not be writing articles while I'm gone, but you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for some great pictures of our European vacation.  

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