Are you trying too hard? Blog article written by Ted Prodromou.

When I'm traveling, I like to look at online reviews to choose my hotel. 

Positive online reviews are essential for hotels. 

The more positive reviews, the better. 

When I travel in the US, the hotel staff never asks me to do an online review. 

I receive an automated email after I check out, but the staff isn't trained to encourage a positive review. 

In Europe, we had a different experience. 

Every hotel we stayed at brought up online reviews when we checked in, when we checked out, and via an automated survey. 

One hotel, in particular, seemed like they were trying too hard. 

When we were checking in they asked why we chose the hotel. 

They gave us a card showing us where to do our online reviews. 

They also gave us two bottles of wine while we were there with two handwritten thank you notes. 

The personal touch made us feel welcome (who doesn't like free wine?) 

When we checked out, the clerk gave us a five-minute spiel on the importance of online reviews and she gave us a card with a 10% discount on our next stay. 

She said to call her directly instead of booking on an online site like, and she would give us a better price. 

It felt like she was begging for positive online reviews instead of focusing on our experience at the hotel. 

We had a great stay at the hotel. 

Unfortunately, the checkout process soured our experience. 

It reminds me of what my father used to say about his restaurant, long before online reviews were a thing. 

"If you provide good food and great service, people will love your restaurant" 

Focus on providing an extraordinary experience for your clients and the online reviews will take care of themselves. 

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