Do you have a daily LinkedIn routine?

Here's a sample of my daily LinkedIn routine. This only takes 15-20 minutes a day and the return on your time investment will amaze you.

In a nutshell here's what you can do in your daily LinkedIn routine:

  1. Schedule time to do this every morning or just make this your first “To Do” item
  2. Look at your LinkedIn newsfeed to find relevant content to Like, Comment or Share with your network
  3. Look at My Network and review any connection requests you have. Send welcome messages to new connections.
  4. Next look at Messages and respond to any important messages or potential leads
  5. Move to Notifications and see who's sharing interesting content or interacting with your content. If you use Profinder, respond to potential consulting projects.
  6. Go to Sales Navigator and see who's changing jobs or being mentioned in the news. Go through your hot leads and ping them with interesting articles or just say hello

Again it's important to do a little bit every day and you will benefit from “LinkedIn momentum”

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