Remember the Griswolds from National Lampoon's Vacation movie?

It's a hilarious movie about a vacation where anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Well, Ellen and I did our annual South Lake Tahoe vacation last week.

As you know, we spend a lot of time at Lake Tahoe.

A couple of weeks skiing in North Lake Tahoe in the winter and a couple of weeks hiking and napping on the beach at South Lake Tahoe in the summer.

We brought our daughter Alicia and her family.

This was Alicia and Chris's first trip with baby Nathan who turned one in June.

They weren't prepared to spend all day chasing Nathan up and down the beach…

…while waking up at night every time he turned over which made the crib squeak.

They bailed after just two days.

The next morning Ellen woke up with a horrible toothache.

It was so bad she actually called a local dentist after two days of walking around with an ice pack on her cheek.

Turns out she needs a root canal so the dentist did a temporary repair to relieve the pressure.

Our friends decided to join us since Alicia's room was empty.

Jeri was just getting over a bad cold so she kept her distance from us most of the time.

Ellen started coughing like a barking seal with a sore throat so everyone kept their distance from her.

On Wednesday, I had a bout with food poising that kept me close to our room for the next two and a half days.

We weren't shocked when Martin and Jeri decided to bail early too.

Despite the setbacks, we had a great time hiking and napping on the beach.

Anyone want to join us for our next vacation?


P.S. You may have noticed I've been very quiet lately.

After 20 years of playing this marketing game, I'm taking a break to figure out what's next for me and my business.

I'm working with a handful of clients but I'm being very selective with whom I work.

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