"Customer service" is now an oxymoron. 

There, I said it first! 

Recently, we had a Tesla solar system and battery installed. 

Communication during the installation process was exceptional. 

After a few weeks, our system stopped working. 

I contacted customer support and my rep was very helpful. 

She tried to fix our system remotely and had to escalate the case to Tier 2 support. 

She said to reach out to her if I had any questions. 

A week goes by with no updates. 

I emailed my rep numerous times but no response. 

I emailed the main support email address and not even an automated response. 

Another week goes by with no updates. 



I have $20K of brand new, broken hardware on my roof that may or may not get fixed in the near future. 

While I was sitting on the beach last week sipping beers, I jumped on the customer service chat on the Tesla app. 

It was really hard to find the chat because it only appears after you navigate an automated troubleshooting maze. 

Finally, a human starts chatting. 

I feel like I jumped to the next level of a video game by unlocking the human chat. 

"John" said they are short-staffed, and it takes up to 15 business days for Tier 2 support to LOOK at our ticket. 

Up to 15 business days to LOOK at the case for a down system? 

I begged for the support telephone number, and he finally gave it to me. 

I sit on hold for 45 minutes (there was no call back option). 

Same response. 

It takes up to 15 days for them to LOOK at the ticket (at least they all have the same response). 

She did escalate my case and the next day they scheduled a service call for later in the week. 

The next day I receive an email cancelling my service request because they are short-staffed. 

They will text me in the near future when they have an opening. 

No ETA. 

Just "text me sometime in the future". 

Now my solar system has been operational for one month and broken for one month. 

A new service call is now scheduled for August 3rd. 

Fingers crossed! 

Could you get away with treating your customers like this? 

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