Some of you noticed I've been very quiet lately. 

You know how you get on a roll where everything is going your way? 

You have the Midas touch and can do no wrong. 

Well, I was on a giant roll a few months ago. 

Life and business couldn't have been better. 

I was traveling with Ellen (a few ski trips and trips down the California coast to the epic beach towns). 

We were spending a lot of time with our grandson Nathan. 

And business was booming. 

I was on a HUGE roll. 

Until I realized I was doing 5-6 Zoom calls EVERY day. 

I was a guest speaker on podcasts or doing webinars as a guest expert. 

Lots of sales calls. 

The rest were coaching calls with clients. 

And of course, I was marketing my business like crazy to keep the pipeline full. 

Then I hit the wall. 


I was exhausted and I wasn't loving my life. 

So, I literally blew up my business overnight. 

I paused my Freedom Accelerator Academy group calls. 

I stopped marketing and writing my daily emails. 

I stopped taking on new clients unless they made me feel "HELL YES" I need to work with this person. 

In fact, I even stopped my morning routine of meditating, exercising and writing. 

I tried really hard to get back on track, but nothing worked. 

I fell into a deep rut and had no desire to crank up my business to the level it was. 

I finally discovered why I couldn't get back on track. 

This month we are reading Atomic Habits in our Mastermind Book Club. 

Tom Ruwitch and I started the book club do build a community not focused on marketing. 

Join us it's free!


Early in the book, James Clear talks about how habits compound for you or against you. 

When you are experiencing positive compounding, your habits work for you. 

Positive compounding propelled my personal life and business to new heights. 

Then I hit the wall and negative compounding took over. 

Negative thoughts and feelings overwhelmed me. 

Once I was aware of what happened, I slowly started replacing negative habits with positive habits, one habit at a time. 

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and what I want my business to look like. 

So, for now, I'm going to take the summer to relax and see where I end up next. 

Our next book club call is tomorrow, Thursday May 26th at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern. 

Join us!

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