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The Missing Link Replay

Here’s the replay of The Missing Link to Predictable Income. If you are interested in creating predictable income for your business, grab some time to talk with Ted to see if it’s a fit. Chat With Ted

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How to Customize Your LinkedIn Newsfeed

Our LinkedIn newsfeed can get very busy. As our network grows, we see more content posted by our 1st degree connections. We also see content our 1 degree connections Like, Comment on or Share. Seeing content posted by my 2nd degree connections is a great way to grow your network with people who add value.  You also see content […]

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How to Block LinkedIn Spam Messages

LinkedIn spam is becoming an epidemic.  Every day, marketers and salespeople are blasting millions of sales pitches at us. Here’s how you can slow down the amount of spam you receive and how to customize your newsfeed. Wouldn’t you love to turn off the noise on LinkedIn? Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Don’t you hate it when you discover something […]

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Why Starbucks Sells a $2700 Espresso Machine

Yes you read the correctly. Starbucks sells an espresso machine for $2700. And you thought paying $5 for a latte was crazy.  Let me explain their reasoning in a minute… …with some help from Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales and Marketing book. If you don’t have a copy I highly recommend grabbing a copy as soon AFTER you finish reading the […]

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How I Got On Letterman

Photo courtesy of Time Inc In May 2015, Ellen and I went to New York to visit our daughter Alicia and to ride in the 5 Boroughs Bike Ride.The bike ride is a 40-mile tour of all five NYC boroughs with about 25,000 riders (fun but crazy!!)As we left our free hotel to grab some […]

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