On my Peloton ride today, Emma Lovewell was kicking my ass.

It was a grueling 30-minute ride.

One of the hardest rides I ever did.

At one point, when we were giving max effort, she challenged us to add more resistance AND increase our cadence.

I could’ve ignored her and continued my already grueling pace or even backed off a little.

Then she said...

"Stay with me"

"Keep going"

"…because you can"

That made me add more resistance AND increase my cadence.

…because I could.

It was my choice.

Our lives are full of moments like this.

Our back is to the wall and we don’t think we have anything left to give.

We have three options.

1. Give up and feel like a failure
2. Continue on our current path and continue being ordinary
3. Kick it into high gear and push past our perceived limits

…because you can

Next time you find yourself in a challenging situation...

the decision is up to you.

Push past your fear and discomfort.

...because you can

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